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最坏的一天/최악의 하루


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善良的嫂子/착한 형수

《善良的嫂子》720P韩国高清电影下载,"Trust me tonight"
Min-ho is preparing to get a job and is spending some time in his parents' house. However, his parents aren't home and only his young sister-in-law is there. His brother Hyeon-soo had left the house after fighting with his wife. Min-ho can't help but feel attracted towards his young and appealing sister-in-law.

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年轻的姐夫/젊은 형부

《年轻的姐夫》720P韩国高清电影下载,A sexy brother-in-law approached her? And he’s a younger man?
Mi-yeon, who was adopted into her family when she was little, is living with her older sister, Si-yeon and Si-yeon’s husband. Mi-yeon’s desire towards her brother-in-law grows more and more every night when she gets to watch the affectionate interaction between her older sister and the brother-in-law. One day, Mi-yeon seduces her brother-in-law and the two end up crossing the line when they should not have. As the situation goes on, Mi-yeon finds out her older sister is also having affairs outside the marriage. Mi-yeon tries to clear up the relationship with her brother-in-law out of guilty feeling. However, she hears something shocking from the brother-in-law.

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《新的哥哥》720P韩国高清电影下载,Think about us, not mom or dad.
I want to be your man, not your brother.
Jae-hee has been with so many men who have made her experience worlds better than her first sexual encounter. She was beginning to get tired of men when her mother got re-married with a man who has a son named Yoon-jae. Jae-hee is attracted to him. In the end, they fall for each other and become something more than 'brother and sister'. Then one day, Jae-hee's mother gets pregnant and things get complicated...

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偷情的后裔/불륜의 후예

《偷情的后裔》720P韩国高清电影下载,皮肤科女医生秀智在上班的路上,遭到了报复撞后,得到偶然路过的权大有的帮助。之后,偶然在皮肤科与权大有相遇,再次相遇的两个人,发现相互的好感。因丈夫的偷情,一直过着非常不舒服的结婚生活的秀智, 慢慢的陷入危险的偷情游戏...

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欲望故事/야한 이야기

《欲望故事》720P韩国高清电影下载,Woman 1 (Black Girl) who is kidnapped to a basement by some men and Woman 2 (White Girl) are told that they'd be able to live if they aroused their kidnappers with some erotic stories.
White Girl tells them about her cousin who is aroused by high heels but fails and Black Girl tells them about some female soldiers and male nurses who run away from an infectious virus but fails as well.
Eventually, just as they're about to face death, White Girl starts cussing and the situation turns wary...

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外宿:我的女朋友/외박: 친구의 여자

《外宿:我的女朋友》720P韩国高清电影下载,100 random women VS my friend's woman, which one would you sleep with?
Gun-woo and Tae-cheol have different stances. Every night, Gun-woo enjoys sleeping with different women but Tae-cheol dreams of sleeping with the woman he's had a crush on for 10 years. However, Se-yeong loves Gun-woo. Tae-cheol finds out Gun-woo also has feelings for her and tries to give up but he finds himself more and more drawn to her.

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《X战警:天启》720P高清电影下载,“天启”是漫威X战警世界里,能力最强大并且是史上首位变种人,自人类文明开始以来,便为世人当作天神来膜拜,他汲取多位变种人的超能力,演变成一位永生不死且无人能敌的超级变种人,历经数千年后,他再度觉醒,集结了多位强大的变种人意欲毁灭一切,重建世界秩序,当中包含失志的万磁王(迈克尔法斯宾德 饰)。当地球面临未知的巨大危机之际,瑞雯(詹妮弗劳伦斯 饰)在X教授(詹姆斯麦卡沃伊 饰)的协助之下,必须领导年轻的X战警们力抗这史上最强大的敌人,并扭转人类命运。

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