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《超人》720P韩国高清电影下载,After getting into a fight, teenage gymnast Dohyeon is sentenced to community service. Filling his service hours as a librarian, he is attracted to a girl who checks out a huge number of books. They become close and share their secrets.

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名侦探洪吉童:消失的村庄/탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을


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善良的女秘书的目的/别有用心的善良女秘书/착한 여비서의 목적

《善良的女秘书的目的》720P韩国高清电影下载,"Boss, I am... good?"
The silent secret of the perfect woman.
Genius Consulting is a recruiting company that provides Board of Members of large corporates and professional talents to China. As the original secretary for Joo Yeong-cheol, CEO of the company went on her maternity leave, Ji-won, a new secretary is hired and starts filling the position.
All the employees welcome her who looks sexy at a glance, is capable of doing her job and also has a warm good personality.
On a rainy night, CEO Joo and his new secretary Ji-won have a brief beer break, while working until late at night in the office.
As she leaves the office earlier than him because she does not want to disturb his work, CEO Joo feels a little sorry. She soon gets surrounded by the male employees and has a pleasant and loud conversation with them, when leaving the office, and this makes CEO Joo feel jealous.
One day, when he drops off Ji-won at her house after work, the work relationship turns into something secretive...

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《侦探事务所:爱与战争》720P韩国高清电影下载,Kang Hyeon-joong, a former National Intelligence Service agent, is currently running a private investigator office after he quit. Ha Mi-so is his secretary helping him with his daily tasks in the office. One day, a woman whose name is Yoo-ra visits the office and requests him to investigate about a man named Min-ho, whom she loves. She wanted to know what Min-ho really thinks about her.
She says she is scared and concerned that he might think she approached him because she wanted the assets of his wealthy family. So she wanted to confirm if he actually loves her.
In the afternoon on the same day, Min-ho comes to the same office and makes a request to investigate about Yoo-ra’s inner thoughts. Kang Hyeon-joong is perplexed as he received the same request from a couple separately on the same day. But he shortly realizes there is something strange in the stories from both of them and this situation is all because of a plan someone has plotted deliberately.

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《一路到底》720P高清电影下载,“猎鹰”安东尼·麦凯将在同名百老汇舞台剧改编的影片《All The Way》中饰演马丁·路德·金。而去年因在话剧版中饰林登·约翰逊总统而获托尼奖的布莱恩·科兰斯顿则将在电影版中继续饰演此角。

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《曼哈顿之夜》720P高清电影下载,本故事改编自《纽约时报》年度受欢迎小说——2008年的同名作品。故事里面Adrien Brody饰演曼哈顿一位作家Porter Wren,是一名原本是模范父亲及丈夫。他应一位陌生女子的求助去追查其神秘遇害的丈夫,却逐步坠入桃色纠纷之中。JB饰演其妻子Lisa Wren。
影片由Brian DeCubellis导演,其他演员包括Jennifer Beals、澳大利亚演员Yvonne Strahovski以及和JB大人多次合作的Campbell Scott、曾获艾美奖最佳女主角的Linda Lavin以及英国演员Steven Berkoff。

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