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韩国 (375)

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"Let's see how far we go! Till the end! I'll go for it!"

Joo-yeon is traveling before he joins the army. He visits his uncle's house to spend time there until he starts serving duty and gets off at the bus terminal in a small city.
Unlike his tacitum uncle, his aunt is very open and sweet. Joo-yeon meets her friends too at the hospital where he meets his aunt and he also meets his childhood friend Tae-ho.
Later, they work out at Mi-jin's Taekwondo studio and decide to get drinks.
Joo-yeon notices that something is going on between Tae-ho and his aunt but he decides to ignore it. Joo-yeon keeps a watch on his aunt while Tae-ho tries to bring out her sexual fantasies. Mi-jin falls for Mi-jin.
Joo-yeon is getting other ideas the more it's time to leave for National Service..

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22 四


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和女演员同居/여배우와 동거

세상에 숨고 싶은 남자 병철.
세상에서 제일 뻔뻔한 놈 동수.
무조건 순종하는 여자 수현.
성격이 전혀 다른 두 남자와 이해할 수 없는 여자 수현이
노량진 비좁은 옥탑방 원룸에서 함께 기거하며 벌어지는 묘한 이야기
가난한 병철에게 갑자기 찾아온 고등학교 동창 병철과 그의 애인 수현.
고등학교 때부터 이어져 온 악연은 계속 되며
비좁은 원룸에 있는 하나뿐인 침대를 동수와 수현의 잠자리로 내주고 바닥에서 자야만 했다.
병철은 신음소리를 고스란히 들어야하는 하는 곤욕스러운 밤을 보내게 되는데....

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前辈的女朋友/선배의 여자친구

"선배님, 오늘은 엉덩이 만져봐도 되요?"
"응, 위 아래 다 허락할게. 오늘은 네 맘대로 해봐!”
혼자 자취하는 청순글래머 여선배는 모든 과후배의 로망이다.
CC였던 과선배가 군대에 간 이후, 매일 그녀의 자취방문을 넘어보고 싶었다.
나의 입영전야, 그녀에게서 전화가 왔다.
지금 내 자취방으로 올래? 난 지금 여선배의 자취방으로 간다.

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妈妈的朋友3/엄마친구 3

A father and his son's lives were wrecked after the wife got into a car accident. Her friend Mi-ae comes to the house to help them with the chores while she's away. She is a good housewife and an even better sex machines when she's drunk. The two men of the house give into her for her curves...

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迷失:消失的女人/미씽: 사라진 여자


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非正式特工/비정규직 특수요원


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This is a love story between Jin-kyeong who obsessively indulges in Min-ah's body and Min-ah who feels love and friendship at the same time.
Jin-kyeong mentally and physically comforts Min-ah who is going through a hard time after her boyfriend disappears.
Min-ah is relieved Jin-kyeong is there. One day Min-ah meets Yoon-jae, a student and is mesmerized by the fact that he looks and smells like her ex-boyfriend. Yoon-jae seduces Min-ah and harasses her.

Jin-kyeong finds out and approaches Yoon-jae.

What will be the result of their complicated love?

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Sae-hee couldn't go to sleep from the first day in her new house because of the moaning coming from next door. Sae-hee has never had sex before, but she's writing sex novels. Playboy Seong-hyeon was getting tired of his sex partner Jia when he finds out that Sae-hee is a sex novelist. He begins to help her with her work but really he's using that as bait to get into her pants and he does. Will Sae-hee be able to complete the novel?

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被掩盖的时间/가려진 시간


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