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One day, a woman (Lee Soo-yeon) goes to a police station and claims she's confessing to a murder. The more surprising this is, she claims to be his wife. The police goes to the scene of the crime and sees a man (Choi Joo-hyeok) stabbed to death. Her husband is a well-known entrepreneur but he is found miserably dead.

Soo-yeon's story is shocking.
Her husband was the Devil himself. He treated his wife as a sexual plaything and even dared to covet her sister (Lee Ji-yeon).

The police can't help but be surprised at the shocking things Soo-yeon tells them and the investigation seems to be coming to an end. However, Gi-cheol feels uncomfortable every time a piece of truth is revealed; the whereabouts of Soo-yeon's sister and the directors of the husband's company all seem strange.
Despite the fact that the chief keeps telling him to wrap up the case, Gi-cheol continues to investigate. Then, news of Ji-yeon's suicide comes up and a recorded file of her will is found.
The case becomes more and more complicated while Gi-cheol and Soo-yeon also become complicated.

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막장과 비밀 사이, 이제 본격적인 방송이 시작된다!
솔직하고 대담한 팟캐스트 방송으로 인터넷 실검 1위에 오르는 등 서서히 예전의 명성(?)을 되찾아가고 있는 왕년의 슈퍼스타 혁빈. 그는 이번 방송을 인생에서 두 번 다시 없을 마지막 기회로 여기고 전투력을 불태운다. 한편 신인 여배우 아현과 섹스 칼럼니스트 여진, 영화감독 태현 등 다른 패널들은 다혈질에 제멋대로인 혁빈과 함께 천박한 막장 방송을 만들어야 한다는 사실이 괴롭기만 하다. 서로를 향한 갈등이 점점 깊어져 가는 가운데, 과연 이들의 막장 팟캐스트 방송은 성공할 수 있을까?

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My sister and I moved into a new house. We didn't do much but the woman downstairs came up to ask us to keep it down.
She said she was sensitive so we decided to keep it down.
Her gangster husband would beat her when he came home drunk.
Every time I heard her suffer from the beatings, I couldn't stand it and would stomp the floor to create a distraction.
She would come up telling us to be quiet.
I told her I did it intentionally. I also decided to do something about the woman who showed interest in me by memorizing my number.

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暧昧的话/썸:은밀한 이야기

"Shhh...I have a boyfriend"
A couple going through lethargy have a fling.

Bomi is a friendly broadcasting writer. She has a boyfriend named Jeong-nam who just graduated from law school, but they're not on very good terms right now. Their sex isn't fun either.

Then one day, Bomi's friend suggests she joins the adult version of "Pairs" and starts having affairs with different people.

Man 1,2 and 3 and woman 1,2 and 3 check each other out but jealousy gets the best of them and they step over the line.

A sexy comedy "Some: Erotic Story" is coming soon.

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聚会的目的:开始/동창회의 목적: 더 비기닝

Are we dating? Even if I slept with her?
Is it alright for friends to sleep with each other?
Pretending not to know, pretending to know all the flirting going around.
The flirting goes on any time and at any place!
Today with this one, tomorrow with that one and who knows who the day after...

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被操纵的城市/虚拟都市/조작된 도시

《被操纵的城市》由演员池昌旭、 沈恩敬、吴正世、金相浩、金基天、安在洪、金民教等人出演,导演朴光贤则曾执导过2005年票房突破800万的电影《欢迎来到东莫村》。当天,首次在龙山进行拍摄的池昌旭表示:“紧张、激动,还有着期待。我怀揣着如此复杂的心情进行了拍摄。我确信这是一部非常有趣的作品。我很期待日后的拍摄。”导演朴光贤则表示:“我写剧本中,脑海中浮现的角色与出演演员们完全一致。因此,我对该作品的期待很大。第一次拍摄的感觉非常棒。我会努力用心拍摄,力求呈现优秀的电影给大众。”

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"Let's see how far we go! Till the end! I'll go for it!"

Joo-yeon is traveling before he joins the army. He visits his uncle's house to spend time there until he starts serving duty and gets off at the bus terminal in a small city.
Unlike his tacitum uncle, his aunt is very open and sweet. Joo-yeon meets her friends too at the hospital where he meets his aunt and he also meets his childhood friend Tae-ho.
Later, they work out at Mi-jin's Taekwondo studio and decide to get drinks.
Joo-yeon notices that something is going on between Tae-ho and his aunt but he decides to ignore it. Joo-yeon keeps a watch on his aunt while Tae-ho tries to bring out her sexual fantasies. Mi-jin falls for Mi-jin.
Joo-yeon is getting other ideas the more it's time to leave for National Service..

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和女演员同居/여배우와 동거

세상에 숨고 싶은 남자 병철.
세상에서 제일 뻔뻔한 놈 동수.
무조건 순종하는 여자 수현.
성격이 전혀 다른 두 남자와 이해할 수 없는 여자 수현이
노량진 비좁은 옥탑방 원룸에서 함께 기거하며 벌어지는 묘한 이야기
가난한 병철에게 갑자기 찾아온 고등학교 동창 병철과 그의 애인 수현.
고등학교 때부터 이어져 온 악연은 계속 되며
비좁은 원룸에 있는 하나뿐인 침대를 동수와 수현의 잠자리로 내주고 바닥에서 자야만 했다.
병철은 신음소리를 고스란히 들어야하는 하는 곤욕스러운 밤을 보내게 되는데....

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前辈的女朋友/선배의 여자친구

"선배님, 오늘은 엉덩이 만져봐도 되요?"
"응, 위 아래 다 허락할게. 오늘은 네 맘대로 해봐!”
혼자 자취하는 청순글래머 여선배는 모든 과후배의 로망이다.
CC였던 과선배가 군대에 간 이후, 매일 그녀의 자취방문을 넘어보고 싶었다.
나의 입영전야, 그녀에게서 전화가 왔다.
지금 내 자취방으로 올래? 난 지금 여선배의 자취방으로 간다.

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