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夫妻的赞助商/부부의 스폰서

Director...do you know about my husband's promotion?
The section heads of a planning office Ji Hyeon-woo and Jang Myeong-soo get told by Director Han that one of them will have to leave the office if they fail to get promoted. Rumor starts to spread that Jang will lobby Han into his promotion by using his weakness of women. Hyeon-woo is anxious. He tries hard to appeal to Han but doesn't really cause much influence so he calls up his ex-girlfriend Ji-hyeon. He calls Han to his house and introduces him to her. Han is completely head over heels for the sexy and seductive Ji-hyeon.
Meanwhile, Hyeon-woo's wife is upset because he blamed her for not getting his promotion, so she goes to 'talk to' Han herself...

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情事:秘密情事/정사: 은밀한 밀애

Ho-je remarried Hyeon-ah. He thinks wives and girlfriends are different things and refuses to sleep with Hyeon-ah. Although she's upset, she keeps it in for the sake of his wealth and comforts herself with hosts, but she's still feeling empty inside. Meanwhile, Ho-je's daughter Ho-yeon feels something strange between her boyfriend Joo-cheol and Hyeon-ah and offers Hyeon-ah 50 million won for sleeping with her father. Hyeon-ah thinks this is the perfect chance to get rid of Ho-je's girlfriend and accepts but...

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10년 전 아내와 사별한 석호는 자식도 없이 고향인 서울 외각에서 농산물 중계업을 하며 잔잔한 삶을 살아가고 있다. 나이 때문인지 잇몸이 아파 치과에 갔으나 별 이상 없다고 하지만 점점 치통이 심해지면서 머리까지 통증을 느낄 때가 있다. '이제는 나이가 들어간다' 는 생각에 석호는 서글퍼진다. 쉰 다섯 번째 생일 맞아 유일한 친구인 병식이 집으로 초대해서 생일상을 차려준다. 오랜만에 보게 된 친구 병식의 딸 세희. 아이인 줄 알았던 친구 딸 세희의 성숙한 모습에 묘한 설레임을 느끼는 석호. 한편 세희는 남자친구와 짜고 돈을 얻어내려고 아빠친구 석호에게 의도적으로 접근하여 성공한다. 하지만 남자친구의 배신과 아내와 이혼한 친 아빠의 외도 현장을 목격하게 된 세희는 방황하게 되지만 갈 곳이 없다. 그러던 와중에 세희는 자기를 무조건 믿어주는 석호에게 편안함 감정 외에 사랑의 감정을 느끼며 혼란스럽다. 세희의 접근으로 묘한 설레임은 점점 좋아하는 감정으로 발전하게 되면서 석호도 혼란스럽다. 죽은 아내에 대한 미련과 친구에 대한 미안함으로 세희의 감정을 외면하지만…

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"Come on in~ this is your first time here, isn't it?"
An art student named Gwang-ho gets dumped by his girlfriend because she was only his source of comfort, and that he's a Mama's boy and a premature ejaculator. He tries to avoid seeing her by going to a different academy and that's when his mother introduces him to her friend Soo-yeon, a sophisticated and intelligent looking woman. Gwang-ho falls for her.
Gwang-ho's mother suddenly leaves for Australia because his father is sick and Gwang-ho gets to stay in Soo-yeon's house for a few days. Looking at her, he thinks of all the things he would like to do with her and Soo-yeon's niece Ha-kyeong stimulates him to do something about his feelings.
One day, Gwang-ho finds out that the man in the background of Soo-yeon's phone is his father and finds a picture of his father in Soo-yeon's work room while having sex with Ha-kyeong. He asks Soo-yeon about her relationship with his father. Soo-yeon tries to hide it saying that she has a crush on him but in the end she tells him the truth. Gwang-ho packs his bags and swears to tell his mother about it but Soo-yeon begs him not to and that she'll do anything for him. So, he asks her to help him become a man by becoming good at sex...

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我学生的妈妈/내 학생의 엄마

Gyeong-soo and Jeong-min used to be the happiest couple in the world. However, Jeong-min is left home alone after her husband leaves to the regional area for a lengthy business trip. While she tries to deal with her lonely feelings, her son’s tutor Min-hyeok starts flirting with her hard. And although Jeong-min knows she shouldn’t, she starts being attracted to Min-hyeok more and more. Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo finds his place in a boarding house in the regional district and starts getting attracted to the owner of the board house, who is a single mother with a young daughter.

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日本演员大杉涟出演日本高官,想带着朝鲜的最后一只老虎衣锦还乡回日本,所以下达了捕虎任务。郑锡元饰演带领捕虎队出征的日本军官。郑万植饰演的捕虎队队长因为日军的命令而必须赌上性命去捕猎大虎。金尚浩饰演的是对于千满德父子都很有感情的捕手七久一角。和崔岷植搭档出演父子的则是成侑彬,曾在《没关系,是爱情啊》中饰演赵寅成的少年时代,还参演过电影《捉迷藏》《莫比乌斯》女主角李恩雨和崔岷植搭档出演夫妻, 曾出演《女儿》的玄盛敏出演七九的女儿。此外,罗美兰饰演七九的妻子, 金洪波饰演千满德的药材商朋友。曾在朴勋政导演的《新世界》中出演延边混混的吴正国和朴仁洙则出演捕虎队队员。

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你的性伙伴/로라의 섹스 파트너

애인 몰래 만나는 건 어때?
기현은 스킨십을 유독 싫어하는 여자친구 진영의 마음을 돌리려고 노력하지만 언제나 기현을 거부하기만 한다. 착잡한 마음의 기현은 매일 밤 인터넷 고스톱을 치며 외로움을 달랜다. 어느 날, 인터넷 고스톱 채팅 창으로 기현을 유혹하는 여자 로라… 기현은 밑져야 본전이라는 마음으로 로라

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与众不同的事/색다른 정사

Eun-joo is struggling from credit card debt. She gets pressured from calls every day.
One day she finds a loan with cheap interest on the newspaper and borrows money from Joon-sang. A month later, she hasn't even been able to pay the interest and Joon-sang pressures her about his money. Eun-joo pleads for more time but Joon-sang makes her an offer instead. She agrees to the deal and unusual things happen. Joon-sang feels excitement and even offers the same deal to his friend while Eun-joo does the same to her friend Min-yeong. This is all a part of Joon-sang's plan as he needs his friend's money...

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凤伊金先达/봉이 김선달


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挑战赛游戏/챌린지 게임

"Do you want to do it...?"
The fatal seduction of...the "Challenge Game"
Florist Ae-ran (Vicky) and forensics investigator Min-ho (Choi Ryeong) from the Public Prosecutor's Office both have a family that everyone wants. However, Min-ho can't handle bed time so Ae-ran starts a 'challenge game' in which she seduces and has sex with strange men. One day, Ae-ran and Min-ho meet Alex (Choi Hyeon-ho) at a tango cafe. Alex is interested in Ae-ran and approaches her while Ae-ran takes interest in Alex who is more handsome than her husband. Min-ho later witnesses them in action and gets angry when he finds out the man Ae-ran seduced is Alex. Min-ho feels nervous because he finds out Alex isn't just a game partner and approached him for a reason. Min-ho tries to get rid of Alex but Alex chokes Ae-ran and Min-ho even more and feels catharsis. The game they started is turning into a catastrophe...

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