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27 二


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Can you film me without anyone knowing...not even me?
A paparazzi reporter and a female doctor with exhibitionism can't help their instincts. Jae-hoon was a cameraman but he was fired for something and is now a paparazzi. He is known for his neat work but his usual task is catching people in affairs. One day he gets a call from a woman asking him to keep watch on her twin sister. The sister owns a sexual consulting clinic so he goes as a patient. Then he starts to watch her in secret. As time goes, he shows signs of voyeurism and obsesses with her. The doctor's sister cancels her request but it's too late. Then he finds out that the doctor wasn't a twin sister but in fact the client herself and he blinds himself. Did Jae-hoon's voyeurism go away or was he a sexual pervert? Or did he really love the doctor?

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26 二


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家教高级课程/개인교수: 심화학습

The woman next door; she became my exclusive special tutor.
“I’ll teach you the real skills to excite women!”
Seong-jin, the so-called expert of theory, who learned about women through text only, feels the thrilling excitement whenever he sees his academic advisor professor, Mi-ae. However, Mi-ae keeps ignoring his courtship, telling him to come back after growing up. He felt stuck and helpless and ends up revealing his distress to Yeon-hwa, a novelist who has recently moved to his next door. To his surprise, she says she will teach him about women and begins tutoring him with the real life lessons from kissing to sex.

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24 二


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想念哥哥/想起哥哥/오빠 생각


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21 二


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欲望姐姐们/야한 누나들

 니 꺼 내 꺼가 어딨어! 남자 앞에 양보 없는 쎈(!?) 언니들이 온다! 친구의 결혼 소식에 오랜 만에 쏠로포차에 모인 세 명의 여자들. 순정틱한 항공 여신 지영(이채담)과 새침떼기 쇼호스트 수민(이미나) 허당매력의 소라(김라윤) 세 친구들은 포차에서 발견한 한 남자를 앞에 두고 서로 누가 먼저랄 것 없이 남자쟁탈전을 벌인다. 각기 다른 매력의 세 친구들은 서로 다른 방식으로 남자를 유혹하기 시작하는데...

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02 二


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01 二


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火热的邻居/뜨거운 이웃

달콤한 사랑을 원하는 男 형민. 드디어! 뜨거운 섹스라이프를 즐기다! 바램과 달리 자신에 관심이 없는 아내 때문에 늘 괴로운 남편 형민은 아내와의 관계를 회복하기 위해 밤마다 노력해보지만 쌀쌀맞은 거절만 되돌아오자 우울해 한다. 어느 날, 답답함에 바람을 쐬러 나갔다 우연히 만난 혜진과 배우자를 곱씹으며 동질감을 느끼게 되고, 한층 가까워진 두 사람은 배우자가 집을 비우는 날이면 만나 아찔한 시간을 보내게 된다. 틈만 나면 아슬아슬한 관계를 지속하던 둘은 이내 발각되고, 결국 형민의 집에 모여 논쟁 끝에 결론을 내리게 되는데...

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29 一


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不要忘记我/나를 잊지 말아요


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28 一


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抓住才能活/잡아야 산다


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25 一


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姐姐的朋友/누나 친구

I always love to show.every day i have a dream to her.In order to make the university in seoul. the city's children's home in her first love. jane and relative number. warm love each other too, because only part of the original two. it has been show to his uncle and is the same for you. and he is married to her, but always in love can not stop. thin clothes to show her plump figure, he looked at her fiery eyes and a wall side as she moan. the material is then stretched to his desire for her to come out to start.

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21 一


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